This Blog got started for all of us parents to share the random moments anything from things they say to things they do that make us laugh. To me these are the joyous moments that instead of getting frustrated I can write and laugh. To also know I am not alone. So please email me to share your experiences along with pictures to

Monday, March 29, 2010


Addie was sitting in the vehicle yesterday with her sister across from her.  They start fighting, her older sister would not let her play with a toy she wanted.  So little Addie tells her much older sister if you don't give that to me now I am going to spank your butt. 

The Swear Words

This was just a funny moment. Yesterday while Addie was with Papa she kept saying shoot over and over.  Papa asked her why she was saying shoot and she said because she wasn't allowed to say SHIT. (for those of you who don't know this has been Addies favorite word and trying to get her to stop has been hard so this story was so funny to me and her dad.)


If I get to HOT will I melt?

* Another Funny From Addie

 Camron and I were laying in bed last night and Addie comes in and wants to lay between us. We both told her NO so she started crying and looks up at me and says. My DAD is making me cry. I asked her why he was and she says because he won't let me lay in the middle so he is making me cry.

Annoying Me

*So tonight from across the room Addie is sitting on the barstool and her dad is at the fridge. She continues to tell ask me is my dad annoying me. I ask her well is he annoying you and she replys. I think YES!

Beeping Trucks

A larger person was backing up from a drinking fountain and my daughter says" Watch out the beeping is going to start".

This one is actually from my oldest daughter when she was little she had just learned that dump trucks beep while they are backing up.  She was also told the reason for the beeping is that alarms other people that a wide load is coming.  It always amazes me the minds of kids.

Sweet Addie

* In the bathroom a larger women came out of the bathroom and she yells Mom thats a really big grandma.  I think the worst part was there was a young women around 15 or so in the bathroom at the time and she started giggling so then Addie decided that she needed to keep going.

She didn't say this with the intentions of being mean.  That is just how her little mind interprets things.  Her grandfather is a bigger man and she loves him to death.

Swipie no Diapie

*Swipie no diapie (from Doras swiper no swiping)
This is hillarious since we are trying to potty train.
To tell a little about this one we were driving home and here my 2 year old is sitting in the back seat with her sister and randomly out that statement comes.  How she managed to rhyme it so well is beyond me.